Our ManifestoThe People: Our Resource

Worship and Patriotism

FORD-Asili appreciates the strive and effort that Kenyans make in trying to build a patriotic spirit and maintaining high moral and religious levels. Although they do, the people of Kenya have over the past years faced overburdening challenges. The future does not promise any softer challenges unless the government/s to be put in place recognise the efforts by its people. By the people’s determination and continued faith in God and the presence of freedom of worship, they can turn around every negative situation and attitude in the country. We at FORD-Asili believe that the devotion that Kenyans have shown for religion is clear indication that they are willing and able to believe and commit themselves to courses in which they see benefits. We will work closely with various religious groups in the country to sensitize Kenyans on the need to embrace patriotism with the same devotion that religion demands. As believers of peoples’ freedoms and rights we shall continue to respect the freedom of worship and other freedoms and rights of our people. We will design and implement programmes that will impress on our people on the role of patriotism in national development.

Heroes and role models

No country can be able to mobilise its young and rally its people to good courses unless role models and heroes are recognised and or appreciated. It appears like Kenya has deliberately and for unknown reasons revered the colonial master by deciding to ignore our heroes such that even their mention leaves bad taste on the tongues of political leaders particularly those occupying the top. Some of our leaders have tried to create themselves into heroes notwithstanding their histories connected to collaboration with colonialists and latter years’ oppression and dictatorship. This is fresh in the minds of Kenyans hence the reason why the party shall endavour to develop policies and work for recognition and appreciation of our role models and heroes in all fields.

Commitment to serve and access service

As the main national resource, the people deserve corresponding honour and quality service from government and private sector whose goods and sevices the people consume. The Government in this sense is the agent-servant of the people. Both the government and the private sector have public and social responsibility to serve and reciprocate to the society and communities in which they operate and who are the dedicated consumers of their goods and services.
FORD-Asili has noted the apathy prevalent in both public and private sectors. The two sectors do not seem to appreciate the people as their main and principal resource that deserves unmeasured treatment. Because of inhuman treatment Kenyans reacted by standing to watch as if they are not part of the society. In some situations they have watched unconcerned because, ‘there is nothing to lose’ even if Cities were to burn down. This is dangerous but clearly understood by the FORD-Asili because the people have been deprived and denied with impunity. The apathy observed results from lack of recognition of role models and incentives to workers. The public is unable to demand access to service because of ignorance and lack of effective service demand mechanisms. FORD Asili promises Kenyans commitment to clear policies, systems and procedures, excellent service and to put in place mechanism for the people to demand access to efficient service from the public and private sectors.

Gainful Employment

The people are the greatest resource and must never be taken for granted or as a burden as it appears to be. It is estimated that 63% of Kenyans are not gainfully employed. This means that this population is either totally unemployed or their income does not meet their basic needs. This is the main reason why Kenya is labeled ‘a begging nation’ where harambee has moved from community pulling together, to,  fundraisers to meet personal needs. The role of the government is not to provide employment but to create an enabling environment for all sectors of the economy to create employment through increased investment. Our goal is to create policies and systems that will enable creation of gainful employment opportunities for all Kenyans by 2017. This long-term objective will encourage establishment of industries at district and divisional levels while encouraging foreign investment. A FORD–Asili government would, in this way raise employment rate to 85% by 2022.

Our priority will be to put in place national infrastructure for development of skills, science, regulation and planning, transport and communication. We will particularly prioritize information and communication technology (ICT)- based enterprises. This is the economy of the future, to be based on knowledge, innovation, creativity and efficient communication.

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