Haki na UkweliThe Party

A Programme for Social Democracy

Spreading fairness, living the truth and witnessing justice

Forum for Republican Democracy–Asili is commonly referred to as FORD-Asili. Asili is a Kiswahili word to mean ‘original’ or ‘Authentic’. A Social Democratic Party, FORD-Asili has its origins in the original Forum for Restoration of Democracy (FORD).

Our Vision
A united and just Society; well endowed socially, economically, politically and culturally

Our Mission
To promote, protect and enhance truth and justice, equitable socio economic development in Kenya through the creation of an enabling environment and effective public participation

Our Beliefs
Ownership to Land and property; Fair and just sharing of resources; Respect for culture; and, The family unit

Our Values

In a country where change of attitudes and understanding must be cultivated and inculcated in every individual, organisation, institution and government to internalise tolerance in their mind and soul

A natural demand that enhances confidence and trust yet translates into unbreakable bond between and among individuals, masters and servant, institutions and members, Kingdoms and subjects, governments and the citizens: all reflected in legal, social and exchange justices

Building nations and societies depends on the service of all to all. Development cannot be achieved without self-giving. It is time that Kenyans start to promote Servant-Leadership through volunteerism at basic level

For peace to flourish, it has to flow from within the self. “One cannot give what s/he does not have”. Peace is not the absence of active violence but lack of understanding, appreciation and recognition of the other person

Respect for Culture and Religion
‘Mkosa mila ni mtumwa’ is a Kiswahili saying to emphasise the centrality of culture to an individual. In African culture life is not complete without religion because a strong principled person has to cultivate faith based on some belief

Concern for One Another
How can there be unity in any family or country unless each member has concern on the plight of other members

To be able to maintain and sustain friendship, reliability and trust, at all levels, all cards must be placed on the table to avoid suspicion, hatred and eventually, conflict

The will to do good, truthful life and uprightness stand out in society. Those individuals associated with this virtue are proclaimed the heroins/heroes

Love of the motherland and that of the countryman is motivation to serve, defend and protect the country and society unreservedly; and,

Belief in the Family Unit
As the principle cell in society the family stands out uniquely as the foundation and demands protection from and by every citizen, institution and government

Haki na UkweliParty History

March 2017Rebranding

Ford Asili party leader Njeru Kathangu announces the party is rebranding to Forum for Republican Democracy-Asili (Ford-A) in celebrating its 25 years after registration..

December 20072007 General Elections

In 2007, FORD-Asili supported Mwai Kibaki for president nominated by the Party of National Unity (PNU) and won a single parliamentary seat in its own right (Kirinyaga Central - John Kariuki).

December 20022002 General Elections

In the 2002 elections, FORD-Asili won 2 out of 212 elected seats and did not field a presidential candidate.

December 19971997 General Elections

Martin Shikuku was nominated by the party to run for the presidency and went on to garner 0.6% of the Presidential Vote with the party winning only one seat in the National Assembly through Mtumishi, Njeru Kathangu-Runyenje’s Constituency Embu.

December 19921992 General Elections

FORD-Asili's candidate Kenneth Stanley Njindo Matiba, is rigged out by KANU's Daniel Toroitich Arap Moi. Ford-Asili won 31 parliamentary seats, dominating Central Province and garnering a credible portion of the votes in Eastern, Western and Coast provinces.

August 1992Splitting from original FORD

In August 1992 the original FORD (Forum for the Restoration of Democracy) split into two factions following a four months disagreement on the implementation of the then FORD constitution section 13 which required the party presidential nomination be done at the grassroot level.
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