Our ManifestoCulture and Sports: Creating Employment, Unity and Prosperity

Culture and sports give identity to the Nation. Our nation has a rich cultural heritage that forms part of our tourism and educational revenue bases. Kenya is well renowned as a sporting nation especially in athletics. FORD-Asili will work to harness the full potential and benefits of culture and sports for our nation. We will take a thematic approach to culture and sports development as follows:

Customs in our diversity, is a value

Our customs define how others perceive us. The African customs of friendship and generosity are evident in the Kenyan Society. There are variations in our customs due to our diversity. We believe that our customs in our diversity is a value of such magnitude that the diversity in itself is benefit to the country. FORD-Asili will strive to promote our customs but as they are dynamic, accept cultural evolution that assists discard unacceptable customs. We shall develop Kenya as a cultural tourism centre.

Sports to unite communities

We will use sports nationally to demonstrate to the people how they can bring and unite us all regardless of our diverse ethnic affiliations. When Kenyans participate in sports outside the country, we all pride in the teams’ representation of the country. We shall therefore develop a programme well backed financially inorder that both the state and government are seen to lead in this uniting campaign. We will establish a national sports competition system where different regions in the country will compete as a build up to a Grand National Competition that subsequently provides ground for international preparations.

Sports are commercial

In recent times, Kenyans have witnessed sports making great rewards and providing careers for financial independence, fulfillment and self-actualisation. Our sporting heroines/heroes prosper in their careers. We have witnessed sports heroes export sports where our own citizens are playing for other countries for pay. Others have changed their own nationality for very high financial considerations. A sound national sports strategy could be a highly commercial venture that would provide employment and business to millions of young Kenyans. FORD Asili will utilize sports fully in employment creation and work hard to brand Kenya a sports tourist destination.

Sports mould the young

Sports are mainly an occupation of the young and are an excellent way of productively harnessing the energy, ambition and the determination of the youth. Excellence in sports requires high level of discipline, determination, commitment and self-drive. These are the same values that we need to inculcate in our youth to mould them into responsible citizens. We will extensively use sports to mould our youth and to guide them. We will ensure that all schools and communities have access to reasonable sports facilities by 2012.

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