Our ManifestoVulnerable and Marginalized communities: Ensuring justice for national integration

Kenya has many communities and groups exposed to acute vulnerabilities. There are regions in the country that have since independence has been so marginalized deliberately by governments that in the process they became vulnerable to social depression in: security, famine, diseases, ignorance and illiteracy. The small tribes/communities, pastoral communities, children and those with disabilities (e.g albinos, cripples, mentally challenged) and victims of chronic diseases like renal failures, HIV/AIDS are such communities that the society has deliberately marginalised and ignored.

FORD-Asili believes that all the ethnic communities and social groups of whatever nature in Kenya are what makes it a state and must therefore work overdrive and overtime to integrate all, so as to create a harmonious state in order to enhance peace and unity and enjoy equitable socio-economic development and competitively be able to access services and opportunities both in the local and national domains.

Small and Pastoral Communities

Our aim is to fast track the integration of communities into the mainstream national programmes. Over a long time, the small and pastoral communities have been ignored in national development programmes. This has resulted in very poor quality of life among the communities to the extent that sometimes the party wonders whether the communities really belong to the one and the same country.

Disability as our responsibility

Disability is not inability. Many of our disabled can be very productive citizens given the appropriate opportunities for self-development. We recognize that communities will always have a proportion of their population with various mental and physical challenges of varying degree. We believe it is the society’s responsibility to nurture this category of our people and avail them opportunities to contribute to national development. A FORD-Asili government will put in place an affirmative action programme for our disabled community.

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